Restore Faith in Government

Presidential Transparency is working to pass state bills that would require Presidential candidates release their tax returns in order to be on the 2020 ballot in Washington, California, New Jersey, New York and other states.

Thank you to the dozens of statewide volunteers promoting Washington State Bill SB 5078!

  • Presidential Transparency ensured the bill was introduced in both houses.
  • The bill passed the Washington State Senate.
  • WA state Attorney General released a first-in-the-nation opinion that SB 5078 is likely constitutional and entirely defensible.
  • Governor Inslee indicated support, willingness to sign into law.
  • The bill passed the Washington State House of Representatives State Government and Tribal Relations Committee. 
  • Despite enormous grassroots, constituent pressure upon the House Rules Committee members, the bill was not allowed out for a floor vote, which it almost certainly would have passed.
  • Aides to Rules Committee legislators reported that Presidential Transparency was "one of the more effective grassroots groups", "the most effective and organized citizen group", and that we generated 4-5x as many constituent contacts to the key lawmakers as the next most effective citizen lobbyist group.

Next up:

  • Although the bill did not pass this year, we are well-positioned to pass it next year. 2020 is the second year of the legislative biennium, so SB 5078 can be fast-tracked for easy passage through both houses to the Governor's desk.
  • Washington state residents support this requirement by 60%! A recent poll by Northwest Progressive Institute shows the overwhelming support for this common-sense legislation. Presidential Transparency and NW Progressive Institute have teamed up to promote this poll and help ensure passage in 2020.
  • Contact us if you'd like to join a scrappy group of like-minded activists dedicated to cleaning up our White House one state law at a time. 

About Presidential Transparency

Now, more than ever, transparency for presidential candidates is vital, because the tradition of financial disclosure is at risk of no longer applying. A new public awareness has grown to address this need to daylight the financials of our presidential candidates.

Since 1976, major US candidates have traditionally released their tax returns to the public. The Presidential Transparency Project exists to pass the Presidential Tax Transparency and Accountability Act, which would require presidential candidates to release at least eight years of their tax returns in order to appear on the ballot in each state.

Together, we can restore the public’s faith in government, which has been so badly shaken, starting with its highest office.